Have you ever tried to live your life without plastic? Me neither, but I’m about to have a good crack! Inspired by American writer and activist Beth Terry I am taking the issue of problematic throwaway plastics into my own hands, beginning with ME!

The challenge reads like this: I will not purchase any new plastics for a month.  This means single use throw-away plastics including shopping bags, food wrappers, coffee cup lids, straws, water bottles, etc.

Our lives are so entangled in the stuff that the prospect of a plastic-free lifestyle seems daunting. Just looking around my own home and counting up the products packaged in it is a real shocker!

Before this year I will admit that I had never thought about where my rubbish was going after the rubbish men took it away. I recycled religiously and anything extra just got whisked away and ‘disappeared’, out of sight, out of mind. Having been awakened to the fact that this plastic isn’t going anywhere (for the next 500 years anyway) I have started to look at the way I live my life in a whole new light, hence this project.

Knowing that every piece of plastic rubbish that I have ever thrown away is still lurking around somewhere means that I now have to take personal responsibility for the waste I create. This means changing habits and finding alternatives, of which there are plenty.

Throughout the month I will retain any plastic that I use. This includes anything which I have purchased myself and any plastic I have been involved in the use of. For example, if my husband comes home with a tub of ice cream and I just cant control myself, I will assume responsibility for the plastic tub.

I’m not going to beat myself up over it, as its inevitable that I will encounter some setbacks. This project is not about feeling guilty and frustrated. Rather it is about finding solutions and having fun trying to beat this plastic addiction.

For more info on my project, including an art and design comp checkout: http://www.miab.net.au