My plastic collection so far is modest, not bad at all I’d say. But every now and again I will admit I do fall upon the odd failure.
My biggest fail to date occurred at an impromptu feasting session. Myself and a friend were invited to fill spaces at a food tasting event…on a boat…on Sydney harbor…with free wine! How could we refuse?!

Unfortunately the food cruise dream quickly descended into a plastic nightmare! Most samples came served in tiny plastic cups and as friendly sales people loomed over me , long arms stretching towards me brandishing plastic spoons and bowls and cups of delicious looking fayre, I shied away as if they had offered me baby vomit or nuclear waste. The sales people were visibly confused by my reaction and dejectedly sniffed at their offerings checking for off meat or hairs dangling out.

(This is a slightly dramatised version of reality, in truth I ate everything I could get my greedy paws on as long as it wasn’t served in plastic. I caved in to a free sample of exotic spices on the way out. It tasted great and I was dazzled by the marketing, what can I say? I’m weak, sometimes!)



Not so bad, most of it is merely the remnant of a former life; old razor cartridges, cleaning product bottles which broke before I could reuse and the wrappers from dishwasher tablets which we are STILL getting through!
New items include the packet which contained 50 envelopes, I had to post wedding invitations home and couldn’t find then loose. The wrapper from a jar of Jalepenos, wrapper on a jar?! What madness! The offending spice packaging which was actually bags within bags…NAUGHTY.