My new razor is a beast, a machine and a thing of beauty! It exudes cool elegance and holding the weight of it in my hand I have to admit, I feel like a real man! This is the kind of weapon my grandpa would have used, the kind that Gatsby and Gene Kelly  would have been smoothing their chiseled faces with, this is next level grooming.

Shaving my legs is now an event, gone are the days of the shoddy, flimsy plastic Bic razor and never before have I put so much thought into the process.
I prepare my pins with a good lather of olive oil soap before reaching for it.
It glints menacingly as the stainless steel catches a sliver of sunshine. It feels powerful and dare I say, even a little dangerous! Ooh! I shave tentatively and in the direction of the hairs growth, I hold the end of the handle as this seems to work well with the weight distribution. I am EXTRA careful around my ankles, knees and sacred lady parts, after all, this baby could slice me up quicker than Sweeney Todd!
After the shave I smooth olive oil over my skin whilst it’s still damp, things can get a little dry without the added moisturising strip which comes with most modern plastic razors.

The results are outstanding, my legs are smoother than a Barry White compilation tape  and after a week or so I noticed that redness and irritation are things of the past.
The razor itself set me back a sweet $70,  I could have probably found it cheaper on eBay, or maybe even scoured the antique shops but when I saw it glinting at me from its glass cabinet, it was love at first sight. I’m thinking that within the year it will have paid for itself anyway, a pack of new blades will set you back a mere couple of dollars which compared to modern cartridges is PEANUTS! Plus,  if looked after lovingly the razor will last forever.

This lost art is making a comeback with men and I think us ladies should join the revival too, everything about it screams badass and not only that but its better for the environment and easier on your purse. Its a well worthy investment and once again a win in the war against throwaway plastic!