It is undeniable that this ‘no plastic’ challenge is, well, a bloody heck of a challenge!
It has changed the way I live my life and truly opened up my eyes. I feel like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense…only its not dead people I’m seeing…its plastic!
From takeaway food to coffee on the go, single use plastics have a really sneaky way of wheedling their way into our hands. It is a MIND BOGGLING battle which has me perpetually on my toes!

My little sister told me recently that she has been taking her own bags to the supermarket (like a trooper) and trying her hardest to go plastic free. She mentioned that even though her bag wasn’t plastic, everything in it was. She also mentioned that at times she felt hopeless in the face of this monstrous mission.
I have to admit that I too share in this hopelessness. BUT it is at this point that we should remind ourselves that what we are doing is AMAZING and part of something much bigger.

We are aware of this plastic pandemic which is the first step in combating the issue.
We are taking steps to break free and change our habits, whether it be using our own bags or refusing over packaged products. And most importantly we are inspiring each other to make the change.

I have noticed that this movement creates other positive chain reactions. For example, If I want chicken for dinner, I know that I can’t buy it from a supermarket. It will have been packaged to within an inch of its life so I have to look for a solution.  Say hello to my local butcher. I know that if I take my own lunchbox he will happily serve it to me minus any plastic. So there you have it, a triple win. The local butcher gains support and can continue to thrive, my meat comes from a healthy source free from hormones and my waste is ZERO. My point being; this is one person making one small step which created a whole lot of positive vibing!

Nice to meat you…

I believe in the power of an individuals actions, and as a wise man once said ‘99 is not 100’. Be that one person, even if it means looking like a lunatic! Remember that one less piece of plastic going to landfill is EXCELLENT news.
(And don’t feel too terrible if the fish and chip man sneaks in some plastic cutlery when your back is turned!)

Thank you for trying. You are my heroes x