On my quest for the ultimate Recycled Christmas I found a simple recipe for these little buggers. Cute, easy to craft and plastic free!

photo 1(9)

You will need:

  • Cardboard boxes (depending on the size of your trees, thinner card for smaller trees)
  • Scissors/scalpel
  • Pencil
  • Paint/pretty paper
  • Colored craft string

How to:

  • First draw out your Christmas tree shape, you will need two identical trees. I used my first tree as a template.
  • Next cut out the trees.

photo 1(10)

  • To decorate; I found some pretty papers at the art shop, cut them to size and glued on with homemade glue. For the others I used red acrylic paint which I found in my housmates art box! I also used gold spray paint to get a splashed paint effect. For this I held down lightly on the nozzle so that the paint drips out rather than spraying.
  • Now cut one of the trees, from the bottom edge, along its center line, to the middle of the tree. Cut the other tree from the top down to the same center point

photo 2(8)

photo 2(9)


  • On the tree with the cut bottom, pierce a hole through the top and thread through your string. This step is optional, you could just stand the trees up.

photo 3(5)
Note; because I am going for a recycled Christmas I used old boxes from the shop. You could skip the whole papering section and just buy green cardboard. But that would be cheating!!