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My question is this; who the hell invented this modern day Christmas lunacy?

Whoever it was, I’d like to offer them a wholehearted plethora of festive profanities!! You’ve driven’ everyone stir crazy!

I’m damn sure that somehow we are totally missing the point.  Its nice that we all get together but what’s with the frantic shopping, shopping SHOPPING!!!?  Subtle yet insidious marketing whispers to us all year round ‘if you buy this brand everyone will think you’re awesome’ or ‘buy that and your family will love you more.’  By the end of the year every crumb of our very being screams BUY MORE STUFF! The Christmas tradition seems to have disintegrated into a hideous festival of consumerism!


The original Christmas party bares it’s roots from a very Roman affair. Always up for a reason to get naked and drunk, they created a kick-ass festival to celebrate their god, Saturn. For the entire month of December they would party like rockstars, dish out gifts and do naughty sexy stuff that was usually prohibited. Saturnalia was a time of freedom and pleasure without consequence. The Christians later ‘borrowed’ this festive idea and used it as a way to persuade people to convert to Christianity. As reinforcement they only went and bought out the big guns, St Nic himself! A few hundred years later Christmas was stolen AGAIN, this time by Coca Cola.


This Roman soiree is a far cry from the modern image of Christmas time. Aggressive last minute shopping, cataclysmic queuing and fighting for car park spaces have replaced scenes of mass festivity and party good times. Where did we go wrong?!


I say lets take a leaf out of the Romans book, and as they say…”when in Rome…do as the Romans do!”

Take a deep breath, a good slug of mead and get our Saturnalia on! There is more to life than extreme stress, near bankruptcy and premature greying!  Life is about doing stuff, not stuff itself.

So with this in mind, here are a few EASY homemade and heartfelt Christmas gifts ideas. Invite your best mate over for a craft and wine night. It’s not quite a Roman orgy, but 100% more fun than a night muscling your way around overcrowded department stores that resemble more of a stinky sweaty mosh-pit than a good-will incubator.
Spend fun time with other humans making cool and bankruptcy free gifts that other humans will actually appreciate.

Merry Saturnalia!


Lemony scubby good times, and best of all EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZEY to make. Save up some jars and use ribbon to decorate.



Raw.Chocolate.Balls.Of.Joy…need I say more? Make them a little gift box house and they make for excellent Christmas treat. If you can resist the desire to shovel them all into your face that is!



Apparently melted Crayola crayons make the best colour for these badboys.



Kahlua, vodka and milk. That is all.



Because everyone secretly loves a ginger.



So my first week of plastic free living has proved a lot easier than expected. Having perused my own cupboards and witnessed the overwhelming amount of packaging in the supermarkets I was feeling a looming sense of trepidation, I realised that I had fully committed to this cause and had very little idea what I was getting myself into! But then what is life without a good adventure? I feel alive! I’m on fire! A raging ball of environmental activism is burning within me! I’m ready for action and armed to the teeth with my reusable items and as I set out on my shopping trip I am filled with a real sense of purpose; its not just about choosing dinner now…this means BUSINESS!

My first challenge of the day was the butchers shop, and when I say challenge, this is a wild dramatisation! The staff in the shop were more than happy to help me on my quest; they put my meat into my own reusable tub and even sold me their own stash of grated Parmesan because the regular stuff was vacuum sealed in plastic. It almost seemed too easy! As I babbled my story like a crazed lunatic they listened with friendly intrigue, the fact that I was doing something different was a great conversation starter and I felt like I had passed on my message without even trying. I left the butchers with a deep sense of satisfaction…

Amy 1 – Plastic 0!

The trickiest challenge actually came when I went shopping at the supermarket on the hunt for a pasta dinner. Have you ever tried to find a bag of pasta which isn’t made of plastic? It’s virtually impossible! In the end I decided to bite the bullet and make my own, like momma used to make! So here’s my incredibly complex recipe;
2 cups of flour and 2 eggs. Boom.
Method; Mix the flour and eggs together until doughy…

Knead the dough until it feels elastic, leave the dough to rest for 10 minutes wrapped in a damp cloth, roll out the dough and slice into something which resembles Linguini! Some people like to use a rolling pin or pasta maker,  call me crazy but I used a wine bottle.

The fact that I was making my own pasta had inspired me so much that I also made my own pesto and the fact that I was doing all this creating compelled my house mate Deb to purchase a beautiful bottle of wine! It was like a circle of tasty joy was forming! The final product may have looked a little lumpy but it tasted delicious, and as we sat stuffed and rosy cheeked from the wine I felt that happy feeling of satisfaction creeping back in. Another sweet (and tasty) victory for Amy.
As I slowly use up the plastic products which were purchased prior to my mission, I will find new ways to live, minus the plastic wrapping.  I feel like my eyes are open and there’s no turning back. This new challenge has my blood pumping and it feels great!
*Last weeks plastic waste; 1 x plastic bag!! I KNOW! EPIC FAIL! was so busy feeling amazed at a sale price that I momentarily forgot my mission! 1 Blueberry box, 2 x cosmetic containers (purchased prior to mission) 2 x dishwasher tablet packets, 1 juice lid (Tommie) 1 x Chai tea packet. Not bad for the first week! There is hope yet!